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OK, grapplers, it's on again.  Here's Case No. 0002 of the Grappler's Interrogatories (GI), a Q & A in which we get the the very soul (not really) of folks you know and love in the world of BJJ.  The GI below is actually the one that inspired us to create the series in the first place.  We initially got to talking with our friend, Bon Cacho, the man behind Fight Soap, and decided to tell his story in a fun and interesting way.  And, so the GI was born. 

Let's get right in to it.  Read below and learn something about Fight Soap and the hygiene you've been missing out on.  We could make more jokes about you're lack of cleanliness, but it's late and you've probably heard it all before anyway.  Just stay tuned to DSTRYR/SG all week for info on some cool Fight Soap giveaways in the coming days. 


How did you get your start in BJJ?
Like everyone else I guess, from watching Royce wrecking at the original UFC tourneys. I started leaning towards BJJ heavily after a few years of doing kickboxing. An impromptu grappling match in class one night made realize that my ground game royally sucked. I started doing gi shortly after to get my fundamentals in order.

How did Fight Soap get its start?
Fight Soap started when I was going through the darkest and toughest time of my life. I lost my job during the recession. I was not only broke but depressed. BJJ kept my mind off of a lot of things, including taking my own life. It was my therapy. Without any health insurance, I could not afford to get injured, or even sick from an infection. This is where I had to rely on having good hygiene to stay healthy. I tried this soap intended for wrestlers that’s supposed to ward of ringworm and such, but it sucked. I paid a lot of money for a single bar of soap that dried my skin up and smelled like mold. Ashy isn’t classy. I knew that people like me who trained deserved better and set out to develop my own line of hygiene products.

How has your experience in BJJ influenced your approach to Fight Soap as a business?
The people I’ve met in the BJJ community, and their life stories influenced us the most. People train for many different reasons and they go beyond BJJ being a form or exercise or a sport. We wanted our products to reflect the unique lifestyle of the BJJ community. We wanted to capture the soul of BJJ in them. It connects our products to the customer in a very deep level. I also put a lot of value into product development. The wants and needs of our customers are always changing, so we improve our products accordingly. It’s the same way your ground game evolves and adapts as you get better learning arte suave.

Do you have any advice for someone who has a business idea in a niche market like yours?
If you try launching a Fight Soap clone, I will fuck you up and eat your babies. Other than that, as long as you believe in what you're about to do just do it. Pursue something that will make a difference in the world. If you're short on resources, your best bet to succeed is being creative. I started Fight Soap a few years ago with $40, so don't let money keep you from doing something great.

Favorite BJJ Fighter of All Time?
Always been a fan of Ricardinho Vieira. A close second would be Francisco Arias.

Closed Guard, Open Guard or Fancy Guard?
At this stage I'm closed guard person. I've had opponents at tourneys tell me after fights that one of their main strategies for me was to stay out of my guard. I'm really tempted to jump into the whole berimbolo bandwagon because I noticed that the smaller players like the Mendes and Miyao brothers are making grown men cry with it. I'll see what my coaches say though, and start my evolution from there.

Fauxhawk, Mohawk, Mullet or Fabio?
I've rocked a fauxhawk before with moderate success. I'd love to have an epic mullet where it's a Mohawk up front, and a Fabio at the back. That will land me on the cover of Vanity Fair without a doubt.

Fight/Board Shorts, Vale Tudo Shorts, or Spats (i.e., tights)?
I have all three actually. I only wear the fight shorts to class and competition. The vale tudos and spats I usually wear underneath. I don’t think I have the butt to wear the latter two. Sigh.

Triangle, RNC, Armbar or Other?  If other than triangle, please explain.
There is nothing for me to explain then. All but one of my victories in competition were by a triangle.

What Animal Best Defines You as a Grappler (e.g., I am like a snail.  I am slow and get smashed a lot)?  Note:  Answering with Fictional Animals (e.g., Unicorns, Sasquatch) Not Permitted.
Since a laser-equipped Unicorn is out of the question, then it would be a spider. It's my gym nickname. I've been told that I move like a spider, and with the right sized foot, I can get squashed like one too. The Sasquatch is real by the way. I’ve rolled with some of them in class.

Favorite Gracie?  If other than Rickson, please explain.Ryan. You would shit in your pants just looking at that dude. RIP, homie.
Bon Cacho and the ladies of Fight Soap
Photographer:  Justin Kaback


  1. I think I know the wrestling soap he us referring to. It's called Defense Soap. It's used by the USA Olympic teams. And universities all over the country. Even the US Marines, the Navy and the US Army are customers. I think Mr. Cacho probably thought Defense Soap was a good concept and maybe he thought he could improve on a good idea by adding perfumes and coloring. Well ask any dermatologist and they'll tell you that's the worst thing you could do to your skin. I would contact Defense Soap for more information. Your audience would learn a lot from their response.

  2. Obvious troll post from defense soap.


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