Thursday, May 3, 2012


Maybe it's because I spend last night working some pretty weak O Soto Garis and Uchi Matas with my teammates or maybe it's because I was just in the mood to see some dudes get thrown around in non-IBJJF approved kimonos.  It doesn't matter, because you benefit, grapplers.  We all win.

Last week, while we were doing our day-to-day Jiu Jitsu thing (choking fools, b-boling, passing guards, generally terrorizing people with our sick submissions, etc.), a whole population of fans of World Class Judo were keeping eyes peeled on the European Judo Championships that went down in good 'ol Челябинск (aka Chelyabinsk).  That's in Russia. 

Anyway, a lot of great Judo was had.  Sadly, I'm not even qualified enough to say that "I'm no expert" in Judo.  I'm like the opposite.  I know a few throws,but I'm a proud guard puller.  I know the gis are giant and very quilty.  I know Ronda Rousey came from Judo and she's pretty damned cute.  I could go on about how unqualified I am to talk about Judo, but I save us all the awkwardness.  Instead, just watch a few Ippons.  They speak the universal language of getting owned (or own3d, for the nerds).



  1. Im such a nerd. That pic is from Naoki Urasawa's Yawara: A Fashionable Judo Girl! One of his best works!!!

  2. Yawara is badass. I knew I wanted to use an image from that manga when this post concept came up.



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