Thursday, May 17, 2012


Mach Man Art: Tony Easley
Grapplers, it's been a Gracie heavy week so far at DSTRYR/SG, so we felt strongly that we had to mix it it for all of our sakes. 

In the world of no-gi grappling and in MMA, it seems the guillotine is still king, despite all the training grapplers and fighters do to defend and defeat it.  We still see it commonly attempted and employed.  Just the other night on UFC on Fuel TV, Cody McKenzie scored yet another funky unorthodox version of the classic sub against Marcus LeVesseur.  It's all a testament to the technique's effectiveness.  But, you know this.

Enter Aloisio Silva black belt and MMA fighter, Joe Camacho and his variation on the now famous "Von Flue" choke (made famous by its namesake, Jason Vonn Flue).  This is a tough and advanced maneuver from my perspective, but it looks totally doable, and Joe's got an entire string of options that spring from it. 

I think this means we can all breathe a sigh of relief because our guillotine worries are over.  All we need to do is master Camacho's guillotine busting hybrid "Von Flue," and we'll all be laughing.

So, check it out and let us know what you think.  Oh, and there's a reason for all the Macho-mania.  Just watch the video.  Props to Joe for sharing this on his YouTube channel.


  1. Although I think it's pretty nifty and innovative, I have a hard time picturing this actually working. The guy on top still has gravity and more control. While it looks like it definitely can work, I still think it's very low percentage

  2. Let's play a little game called "Who goes to sleep first?"


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