Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Our buddies over at Just Gi Pants are having a great give away promo. Fellow grapplers you have a chance to win a $200 pair of Gi pants worth $39.99 - What a deal! Take advantage of this opportunity to win a  pair of gi pants just by guessing the winners of this weekends big BJJ Superfights at the 2012 World Jiu Jitsu Expo. What superfights?, you may ask.  This time we will cut you some slack; we understand if your still in a vegetative state after witnessing Alan Belcher almost twister Paul Harris, escape 5 leg attacks and then pound out the tree trunk for the win. With that being said, here is this weekend's lineup:

  • Caio Terra vs. Jeff Glover
  • Kyra Gracie vs Alexis Davis
  • Bill "The Grill" Cooper vs Nino Schembri
  • Kron Gracie vs Victor Estima
  • Kayron Gracie vs Rafael Lovato Jr.
  • Nick Diaz vs Braulio Estima (the "Main Event")

So, the question you've all been waiting for - Who did we pick?

We decided to play along, even though we don't have a chance to win gi pants, but that shouldn't stop you from entering and trying your chance at winning. So here we go...
  • Caio:  Stalls it out and wins by advantage; probably a boring and frustrating fight to watch and we'd prefer the Glove man take it, but it wont be easy.
  • Kyra wins by beauty.
  • Bill Cooper takes it. It's hard not to root for the legendary Nino, but if he comes out like their first meeting, Nino is gonna look silly.  Does the Omoplata master still have it?
  • Kron wants revenge for the recent loss to Victor and has little to lose.
  • Rafael purer size and heart will let him pull out the win.  [Side Note from DSTRYR:  I'm going with Kayron and his ridiculous guard, but both dude's are exceptional.]
  • Braulio wins with his technique, experience, and constant attack.
To make your picks and enter the drawing to win, go HERE.

Oh, yeah.  Here are the picks from the guys:


  1. Where do we make our picks?

    I got Glover, Kyra, Schembri, Kron, Lovato, and Diaz.,

  2. HERE:

  3. Terra Kyra Gracie The Grill" Victor Estima Lovato Jr. Braulio Estima

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