Tuesday, May 15, 2012


As our readership already knows, I love Kyra. She's hot, trains BJJ, and and comes from a famous family - What else would you possibly want? In all seriousness, not a lot of people know Kyra off the mats. Most would recognize that she's multiple time World, Pan and ADCC champ and, of course, she's beautiful. The fact is, for several years now, Kyra has dedicated countless hours to helping the poor children of Brazil find a positive outlook on life and an outlet to keep kids off the streets and away from drugs and crime. Her organization started with donations and social action for the Favelas of Brazil which brought toys, clothes and care for the children that reside there. Over the years she expanded the project by promoting used gi drives and teaching seminars to the local children. Recently she started her own non-profit organization named 'Instituto Kapacidade'. She offers classes and instruction of the "gentle art" to the children in need of Vargem Grande neighborhood. Using the sport as its main tool, the work being done aims to educate and empower the children, and at the same time rescue their self-esteem. Today, more than 150 children take part on the project.

Take a look at this great partnership between Stuart Cooper Films & BjjHacks. They have teamed up to produce a new 20-minute documentary on Kyra Gracie and 'Instituto Kapacidade'. Here is trailer number 2 of the upcoming short film entitled 'The Main Tournament of My Life'.

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