Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Sometimes we rant about how important it is for grapplers of today to recognize and appreciate the founders and innovators in our sport/art.  But, we're not doing that right now.  We're just saying this - Relson Gracie, he's a BJJ legend and, when he demonstrates a technique, we watch.

I'm going to assume you have a working knowledge of Relson Gacie and his background.  You are here at DSTRYR/sg, so it would be an insult to your BJJ intelligence for me to presume otherwise.  As the 2nd eldest son of Helio Gracie and and an 8th degree red/black belt, let's just say the man has a vast and unique knowledge of BJJ technique.  Who better to show you a solid bread n' butter counter to knee-on-belly than him? 

Side note:  This whole thing is in Portuguese, so if you are Portuguese-challenged, then just fake it.  You'll be fine; we promise.  And, thanks Tatame for another fine technique vid.

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