Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Drawing by our friend, JM Smith.  You can buy the original here, if so inclined.
Yes, I love Kyra. I've said it enough times. But, we're featuring her again (2nd time this week) not so much due to my love, but because she's such a force to be reckoned with (and, we know you love her too). Just this past weekend, Kyra showed off her skill to handily beat Alexis Davis, despite being heavily outweighed (you can watch it here). 

Kyra has recently traveled to San Diego to train with Andre Galvao and Team Atos in order to prepare for war Worlds.  And, of course it's our opinion that the World needs to prepare for Kyra rather than Kyra preparing for them. Regardless, Kyra is hitting the mats hard with one of the most dominant camps in the world.

In the video below, from Budovideos, Kyra speaks about her camp and her preparation for 2012 World Jiu Jitsu Championships. Check it out and, like always, tune into Budo May 31st through June 3rd to watch the event live.

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