Friday, May 11, 2012

Переход на ущемление икроножной мышцы, WHICH IS RUSSIAN FOR YOUR CALF AND KNEE JUST EXPLODED.

Or, should we say "You Won't Be Kneeding That!"  Get, it, grappler!?
Last week, we extolled the effectiveness and toughness of RAF (Russian All-Around Fighting).  So, here's a little evidence of that as shown by our new friend, RAF coach, Darrin Richardson (Master of Sport, Sambo/RAF). 

We've all been there before. From the seated guard (basically a 50/50 position), you and your opponent both simultaneously attempt Achilles locks (aka straight foot-locks, legal in IBJJF, as long as there is no reaping) on each other.  This can quickly become a standoff, and you can easily lose if your opponent nails you first (there must be some Game Theory to apply to this, but, I went to state college and I just don't have an answer for you).

Moving on, check out  Darrin's nasty alternative to the dueling foot-lock stalemate, that results in ultimate calf/knee destruction. We love this.  Is it legal in IBJJF?  Maybe if you are brown or black belt, but for those below, compression locks will get you a one-way ticket to DQlandia.  So, you may need to practice this on poor, unsuspecting spandex wearers at Grappler's Quest and NAGA events.  Go snap some knees.

Notes:  Thanks to DSTRYR/sg resident CACC/Sambo coach, Montreal's own Martin Roy, for the heads up.  This was recently shot at an RAF seminar Norilsk, Rissia.


  1. this is sick. 10th planet system calls this the grinder

  2. Darrin will be on hand for our RAF seminar in south Florida next week, and we are already planning our next international gathering for the end of February 2013! For more information on the Russian All-Round Fighting system here in the U.S. or Canada, drop us a line on Facebook at:!/pages/Russian-All-Round-Fighting-Federation-US/182561878448306
    Or you can drop me a line personally at: (772) 361-4001 coming soon!

    And thanks once again to all the guys at Destroyer SG, and as always to our brother Martin Roy!


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