Friday, May 18, 2012


Matt Daquino
from Beyond Grappling is a 2008 Judo Olympian and BJJ Purple belt from Australia. He has competed at the highest level of Judo and has integrated Brazilian Jiu Jitsu into his grappling arsenal. Take it from Matt, if you want to be the best you need to put in the work. So, that means not only hitting the mats and eating right but doing the Strength and Conditioning work as well. Matt has recently started up where he details the workouts he has used to get him to the top. Check out this sick workout that includes every body part imaginable:

- Hanging Knee raises
- Hanging straight leg raises
- Hanging half moons
- L-sit chin ups
- Windscreen wipers
- Javelin press
- Push press
- Russian twists
- Renegade rows
- Single arm dumbbell bench press


  1. This looked like a mix-tape of various youtube clips, but in fact it was an advertisement for an actual product you could buy?

  2. I'm glad you posted this dstryr. There are some amazing resources out there for judo strength training. As an olympic sport, I really looked to them for developing my S/C for BJJ program. I was able to locate a number of programs from the eastern bloc and british judo teams of the past and present. I think more BJJ players need to start taking BJJ more seriously and stop all this 'all you need to be better at bjj is more bjj' nonsense =o)


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