Tuesday, May 22, 2012


I'm going to shorthand this one for both of our sakes, grappler, because my fancy açaí shake is not going make itself.  We love ourselves all things presented by Stephen Kesting and this Xguard refinement primer is no exception.  Why?  because, he's one of the very best coaches out there consistently releasing relevant and super detailed and informative material for the grappling public.  Sure, there are the top-level competitors who demo their secrets and fancy techniques and we happily share those with you.  But, the reality is, most of us, at almost all levels (and I'm speaking as a black belt with 13 years on the mats myself), are still working on acquiring and then refining what I call "bread n' butter" techniques. And, Kesting is one of the very best at breaking these techniques down.

So, do your self a favor and sit for 5.29 watching Kesting go over the 3 most common errors in Xguard. 

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