Thursday, June 14, 2012


Here is a fact: Master De la Riva will sweep you. Fact number two: he will show you his sweep and the defenses to it but still sweep your ass again. That's one thing I truly admire about DLR, his openness to share, exchange and evolve. Many of you may think DLR guard is one dimensional or just a transition point in your game, well it's not. Master De la Riva has created and refined his guard system into a work of beauty over the past 30+ years. Despite his intimate knowledge of body positioning and leverage he still continues to evolve and adapt to today's modern game by developing situational variations. The simplicity and effectiveness of his hook is used by almost ever top grappler at some point in there game. Despite that fact some people still hate on the DLR guard system.

So put down your cheesecloth fruit bag, and take a sip of your favorite Gracie beverage and watch the master at work. Today DLR Black belt David Onuma and The Master himself show us some great moves from the reverse DLR cross guard.

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