Wednesday, June 27, 2012


As we have emphasized many times before, the time you spend off the mat can be just as important as the time you spend on it. So, if your so inclined to include orange as a food group (Cheetos, the Dorito taco, or Sunny D) as part of your diet your probably gonna have a hard time on the mat. Some minor dietary changes or the implementation of a S&C routine could make a huge difference to your game.

In case I lost you, this video shows Andre and Bruna utilizing the Bulgarian Bag and Bosu Ball as part of their strength and conditioning routine. While unorthodox and rather costly (unless you build your own) Bulgarian Bag routines are nasty and you'll get dynamic workouts that build power, strength and cardio all at once.

So, if you don't mind beating your $300 dollar piece of equipment into another $100 dollar piece of equipment, we recommend you get on this. Pick up your European leather bag and beat that rubber ball like it's name was named Roger Huerta.

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