Monday, June 11, 2012


Maybe you don't know much about Milton Vieira.  That's OK.  He probably knows very little or nothing about you too.  But, you didn't invent the Anaconda Choke and you don't have fascinating Luta Livre origins like he does.  So, know one's really sweating that.

Milton Vieira.  He shreds. First off, he has a fancy and cool first name that none of us can pull off.  And, yeah, he comes from Luta Livre (with a Black Belt from Equipe JOP, ) and you'll hear in the interview in this fine mini documentary film featured below (from our good friends, BJJ Hacks) that he wears that distinction with pride.  He's also famous for having 32+ entries for achieving the Anaconda Choke (i.e., a variation of the arm triangle, defined primarily by it's set up from front headlock position), which he's given credit for naming.  He's all those things and we think his grappling game is one of the most interesting and unique games in the business of grappling.  You're going to love the next 8 minutes (that's about how long the video lasts).

Before you watch, let's have a quick conversation on Luta Livre ("LL").  LL is a fighting system that originated in Rio, Brasil with it's founder and father, Hatem "Tatu" Euclydes, in the mid-1900's.  It's a Brazilian martial art/fighting style derived from Catch/submission grappling and developed contemporaneously with Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (Tatu and Helio Gracie were one year apart in age).  LL and BJJ have clashed in Vale Tudo over the years, with many early victories going to LL (namely, Tatu's defeat of George Gracie in the 1940's).   Nowadays, LL is much less known, particularly outside of Brasil.  Suffice it to say, we think it's pretty kickass.  We could go on, but, instead, we'll just strongly suggest you do some independent research for extra credit.  

Thanks again, BJJ Hacks.

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