Friday, June 29, 2012


Why would we feature an epic 35-minute grappling saga from Senegal on DSTRYR/SG?  If you are asking that question, then you don't know us as well as we'd hoped.  Maybe we should spend more quality time together.   Let's start over again and really work on our relationship.

Laamb is Senegal's fantastically cool professional combat sport played on the grandest scale you can imagine - in stadium and arenas with crowds filled to capacity.  We featured it here a month ago after the NY Times did a story on it.  Quite simply, it's f*#king awesome and lives were forever changed since its discovery.  Pardon my profanity (not really), I'm just having a difficult time expressing how much I love these BATTLES.

Now watch Tapha Tine take on Bombardier (this just went down on June 24, 2012). I don't know about you, but I'd watch any gigantic man called "Bombardier" engage in hand-to-hand combat anytime.  And, even though I can't truly follow the action like a real ofcionado of the sport, I'm still 100% in.  This fight has all the drama you could hope for in a pugilistic event. 

Note:  This is a long fight, so, if pressed for time, skip ahead and peruse the action.  You won't be disappointed.  There's even blood.


  1. @ 12:00mn, Africa for you lol, the lights in the stadium went out in the middle of the fight, Bombardier swang and knocked Tapha Tine out during the blackout, that was the reason of the delay and why he was laying on the ground.

  2. Could you guys do a write up of the rules for this event? I'm very curious about this. I want to know why they are pointing at the end of the rounds.


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