Thursday, June 28, 2012


Just over a week ago we provided you with a unique look at the armbar grip break by Bruno Fernandes, and today we are back for more .

So who is this Bruno character you may be asking yourself. Bruno is a third degree Gracie Barra Black Belt and is most well known for awarding GSP his black belt in Montreal.

Now let's get to the point. What happens if your partner/opponent refuses to let go of their deathgrip and Bruno's first technique just happens to fail? Don't fret, we have option two for you which involves a well placed stomp to the arm. While it may be just a step above my leg smash to the face, it's much more kosher for competition.

Watch and learn grapplers!

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  1. In the interests of educating the masses on Bruno's credibility, I figured I'd give you a bit more background. He was Brown belt (Medio) world champion in 1998, world silver medalist at Brown belt (Medio) in 1999 (GB closed out the division that year, so the match may not have been contested), and Brown belt (medio) world champion again in 2000.

    He was also a World bronze medalist in 2001 at Black belt, and World silver medalist in 2002. He's medalled at PanAms, as well, but I'm not in the mood to look it up. Sometime during all of this, he ended up going to Medical school and earning a PhD, as well.


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