Thursday, June 7, 2012


Dean is one nasty little man.  Correction: he's not little at all, but he definitely has a nasty mat game. Dean has probably taken just as many knees and ankles as Paul Harris has, yet he's probably not on most people's list of best grapplers in the world. The well traveled, multi-talented, grappling badass, has been there and done that - literally. When hes not pounding people in the face or ripping joints from there sockets he's teaching grappling in San Diego at Gracie Humaita / Victory MMA. So if you live in CA and your not training with him I might just have to call you stupid.

Today, Mr. Dean runs us through a variety of re-counters to an opponent's attempt to defend an Americana attempt. Dean is even nice enough to show us his favorite way, and let you know when he can see your SOL.

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  1. See Lister's starting to use the Stockade in the first bit. Good options off of the Cobra Hold / Gift Wrap, and there's a few more he didn't show or might not be aware of.


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