Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Although BJJ and grappling have grown ten fold over the past 10-15 years, there are still just a small amount of publications dedicated to grappling. Despite that fact, the sport, as well as its media venues and resources, continue to grow - literally on a monthly basis. We are all accustomed to online videos and DVD's by now, but how bout something you can hold in your hand and enjoy. That's where Jits Magazine comes into play. Now, you may know Jits Mag from there website and tutorial videos, but many grapplers don't realize Jits has a traditional publication dedicated to BJJ. So, today we take an in-depth look at Jits - the Mag Vol 5. and let you know what the deal is.

Upon tearing open my envelope I found the latest copy of Jits Mag adorned with Rodolfo Vieira's face. I skimmed through the magazine quickly excited about what lied within. I was surprised by the great graphic design and photography, but after my quick look I knew it was time to sit down and read it. So here is my analysis of Jits Mag.

As stated before I was pretty impressed with the design aspects of the publication, both with photography and layout. The issue is compact both in pages and in overall size. It is light on advertising which is a big plus for readers but heavy on useful content and exclusives. Volume five started off with a great tutorial by Robert Drysdale displaying some BJJ strategy. The steps are clearly numbered, easy to follow and detailed. Next, this issue had a Travel section by Dave Menceles describing his scuba adventures and drawing comparisons between that and BJJ. A nutrition section followed this up detailing the importance of protein written by P.R. Cole and Shawn Smith. Now came the section I was looking forward to - The Jits Profile on Rodolfo Vieira. The interview describes Rodolfo's success in 2011, his work ethic, training strategy and diet. While the profile is only about 3 pages it more than makes up it's length by describing the inner workings of Rodolfo and his camp. We then traveled on to the following section which is Jits Classroom. In this issue, Alliance Co-Founder Vinicius Campelo is featured and shows two great techniques that each have their own dedicated pages. After the Vinicius tuts, I found a music section.  That took me by surprise, but I appreciated the thought; not many of us give enough credit to music as part of our grappling game. This music review was once again written by Adam Menceles and he describes the new Curumin album named "Japan Pop Show." Next, up is of course my favorite, the fitness section. This section impressed me by displaying some rather unconventional kettlebell exercises that are sport specific for grappling/BJJ. This section included three full pages of techniques along with how and why they are used in a side by side comparison with BJJ. Now Jits mag was nearing an end but I was happy they ended on a high note, I turned the page and I was surprised to find a full page named "Food for Thought" which was filled with inspirational quotes from some very famous people both in grappling and elsewhere.

Overall Jits Mag is pretty awesome. Clean design, compact size yet full of relevant and useful interviews, tutorials, and sports specific articles. You couldn't ask for much more, other than for it to be free. And that's the catch - it is. So get your ass over to Jits Mag and take a look at there publication and add it to your coffee table this month. At least it makes you look tougher than having your girlfriends Redbook issues and Victoria's catalogs strewn about the house.

Art/Design - 9.5
Tutorials - 9.5
Features/Interviews - 10
Writing - 9

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  1. They are awesome! I have every issue and try to keep them as in good condition as possible. Its like a comic book collection lol. The paper is also wicked quality, it's almost like its sweat proof haha. Go Jits!


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