Tuesday, June 26, 2012


So recently my Commrade and boss (also know as Mr. Dstryr) and I were asked by Caleb of the FightWorks PodCast to speak about Elite Grapplers who the average person/grappler might not know. We took it a step further by narrowing down our list as small as possible to include not only names that were fairly unknown but those who had huge influence to the grappling world.

Our original lists were huge, which of course made it very difficult to narrow down to just 5 of the Most Influential/Unknown/Unrecognized grapplers ever. It was a tough job but someone had to do it and why not have it be us. So feel free to mozy on over to the FightWorks PodCast and check out our interview or you can direct download it to your Phone/Ipod/GPS/TV/Cloud and enjoy.

We hope that you enjoy our picks, and again this was from the criteria we stated above. There are many, many more we could have/would have liked to include, but it's a podcast and not a thesis. So go check it out!

Thanks to Fightworks and Caleb for having us on the show and now it's time for you to discus amongst yourselves.

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