Wednesday, June 20, 2012


As our long time readers know I have an unhealthy obsession with martial arts. Quite frankly, I am obsessed. This includes training, reading, teaching and studying as much as possible and whenever possible.

We all know and understand that martial arts and combatives training is physically and mentally demanding on the body. That's why today we are talking about yoga - it's the yin to your yang.

One of the most important aspects of martial training is mental and physical balance. Balance allows you to relax and "feel" by utilizing proper body control and sensitivity rather than brute force. Balance allows you to "turn off" and utilize the concept of mushin. There are many ways to find or incorporate balance into your daily training and one way is through Yoga.

The yoga grappling connection is as old as fighting itself. Most historians believe that the birthplace of martial arts is found in modern day India. Most of the ancient forms of martial arts include grappling, for example the Pehlwani and Kushti grapplers who considered yoga as part of their training - not as a separate entity.

Yoga not only has a great connection with martial arts but it can help you develop attributes that we could all incorporate into our daily lives such as:
Core Strength
Breath Control
Today Alexandrina Delage from the Montreal Systema Academy, details breathing concepts needed in yoga and combat as well as several challenging body flows. Don't hate grapplers Diamond Dallas Page even does it.

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