Monday, June 4, 2012


For the exceedingly lazy grappler who can't find the time to go to the IBJJF website himself (herself) and check out the results, we've compiled a list of the black belt/males/adults for you below.  For your convenience, we removed as many maiden names as we could and replaced them with the nicknames you know and love (where applicable).  We really hope you spent some time watching the event - it was truly one of the most exciting Worlds tournaments we've seen, with many finals matches coming down to the wire (we're talking the final 10 seconds in many cases). 

To recap very briefly, I'd say the biggest winner was Buchecha, who dethroned the newly crowned Rodolfo Vieira (in the quarter finals), and took gold in both Ultra-Heavy and Absolute.  If you're a Romulo fan, you were stoked to see that he is finally back (taking 1st in Medium-Heavy).  If you're a Lovato Jr. supporter (as I am), you were bummed to see him edged out.  Everyone should be happy to see Xande still on the podium and in the top tier (claiming 2nd in Heavy).  No real surprises otherwise, as the favorites won in pretty much all of the divisions.  I'd say the Middle and Light divisions seem to be the only somewhat open-ended divisions, with no clear No.1 badass. 


  1. I think its safe to say that Rafael Mendes is the king of the feather weight division.

  2. I almost crapped my pants at the end of Rodolfo's match. guard pass was coming and I was like nooooo....


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