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It's pretty cool, grappler.s We've been around for 3 years officially now, and we are pretty much dominating the BJJ humor-based blogoshpere, particularly in Eastern Europe.  I guess what I'm saying is - it's good to be King. 

But, really.  We've been fortunate and are stoked to continue growing.  It even affords us the opportunity to feature the work of others in the BJJ Internet world.  And, God (if he truly exists and also is a fan of grappling) knows we can always use more great content. 

Not too long ago, Matt Corley, the man behind a blog entitled Matt's Daily Journal, inquired with me about featuring some of the content from his site on DSTRYR/SG.  Matt focuses on BJJ and submission grappling flowcharts and mind mapping.  It's way nerdy I know, but we could use a little intellectualism around here to balance our usual Neanderthal writing styling.  I honestly haven't approached my BJJ experience in this kind of organized fashion.  I've always been more about feel and repetition and a lot (really a lot) of free training /mat time.  BUT, Matt's on to something and it's definitely a very smart way to look at the complexities of the arte suave.
If you dig Matt's maps, we'll keep featuring him here and eventually we are certain he'll become the most famous and well-respective Jiu Jitsu mind mapper in the world (perhaps of all time).

Note:  The piece de resistance, i.e., the interactive MIND MAP is linked at the end, so make sure you see it.


Interactive BJJ White Belt Curriculum

The great thing about the maps that I’ve been creating is that they provide an easy-to-follow visual of the techniques and positions covered.  For most this is quicker to review and easier to assimilate than text notes.  You’re also able to get a birds-eye view of how everything is connected and (hopefully) improve your understanding those intricacies.

The downside is that without the source material (DVD, book, magazine, etc) they’re usefulness is greatly limited.  Don’t get me wrong, they’re cool to look at but how much are you really getting out of it.  So what can be done about that?

You could buy every instructional video, magazine and book that I map out.  You could even rent them from MMA Vault, but the costs still add up.  Luckily we have access to the interwebz and specifically to YouTube.

Below is an interactive map that I’ve created by using the suggested white belt to blue belt curriculum from Alliance BJJ (there are a lot of them out there, this is the one I was looking at most recently) and filled it in with techniques that I was familiar with and felt confident that I could find on demonstrated YouTube by a quality instructor.

Huge thanks to BJJ Legends for hosting the interactive map!

I’ve used the following instructors for technique:
Jeremy ArelBio, School and YouTube.  All the BJJ techniques are taken from Jeremy’s excellent YouTube page.  Please be sure to check Jeremy’s pages out and support him.  He’s provided a huge amount of great content over the last few years for free.
Ken PrimolaWebsite and YouTube.  The wrestling techniques were taken from Ken’s YouTube page.
Stephan KestingWebsite and YouTube.  I use Stephan’s stuff whenever possible, in this case an example of a standing headlock escape.  He’s also been a huge supporter of BJJ with his free content and webpages.
Roy DeanWebsite and YouTube.  The escape from a headlock on the ground is demonstrated by Roy.
Pedro SauerWebsite and YouTube.  The standing guillotine escape is demonstrated by Prof Sauer on Jeff Curran.


1.  I did not demonstrate any of these techniques.  All the YouTubes are from respected BJJ Blackbelts that I have no relationship with other than a few emails to Stephan and Jeremy.
2.  I did not write the curriculum and I am in no way, shape, or form associated with Alliance BJJ.

My Final Request:

Please check out my Facebook page and “Like” it.  I will be using Facebook for a few contests in the near future. [Note from DSTRYR/sg: Let's do this to support our new bro, Matt.]

Interactive Map:


  1. My take over of the mind mapping world begins!

  2. I was literally just watching vids from this mind map when the DSG item popped up in my Facebook feed. Awesomsauce - thanks for compiling this!

  3. Is there a way to do this on my own for my curriculum?

    1. Noah - msg me thru my blog and I'll see what I can do.

    2. Aside from set curriculum, it really would be pretty sweet to see one's own personal game mapped out similarly. Perhaps it would raise awareness of gaps of knowledge that otherwise might go unnoticed?

    3. I totally agree. Anyone want to volunteer?

    4. Cue moment of highly-public shaming when said map is revealed...

  4. Totally unrelated... but can someone explain to me the point of double guard pulls?

  5. This map needs to be turned into a t-shirt ASAP!


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