Wednesday, June 13, 2012


There's nothing quite like getting beaten with your own game.  It's just feels so pathetic and sad.  It's great.

Let's make this a learning moment, grappler.  We'll keep the chatter to a minimum and allow you commence with your education.  The omoplata.  She's a tricky mistress, especially with all the experts out there like our friend, Brandon Mullins, of and one badass grappler (he's a 2X No-Gi World champ as well as a purveyor of fine replacement kimono trousers).  In the video below, he's demo'ing some very fancy BJJ trickery that can really only lead to someone's shame and embarrassment.  Again, it's a beautiful thing. 

This is anything but basic (requiring some clockwork precision and a few rather elegant moving parts), so, if you are 6 months in to your training, it may not be worth drilling to winBut, it's sure cool to watch regardless.  Brandon and JustGiPants are cultivating a pretty funny and unique style and we are 100% in support of that.  


  1. pro tip: do not try to maintain the position by holding their legs. it makes the opponents roll into their own oma that much easier.

  2. DSTRYRsg crew,brandon mullins here,thanks for the post and the write up,great stuff


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