Thursday, June 28, 2012


He's a man that wears man hats. Love him or hate him - we at DSTRYR/SG respect him.

He is Joe Rogan.

The 45year old Rogan has done stand-up comedy for years, he's been an actor, writer and UFC color commentator as well. Most importantly he's been a martial artist since his early teens. Now for some of you this information may be utterly useless, others may appreciate some random reference to it at the next quizzo/trivia night, and the rest of you hopefully admire Joe's many talents and ass kicking skills.

Joe started his martial arts career with Kenpo Karate and later transitioned to Tae Kwon Do where he became a second degree Black Belt. He didn't stop there though, within six years he became a four-time state champion in Massachusetts, and won the USA Tae Kwon Do U.S. Open Championship. Joe even opened up his own academy and had hopes of making the Olympic team. After a few years of training and teaching he decided to follow another passion that led him to California and that was comedy and acting.

In 1996 he started training in the Gentle Art under Jean Jacques Machado where he currently holds the rank of Brown Belt. One of Joe's classmates was none other than Mr. Eddie Bravo, who is a Machado Black Belt and developer of the 10th Planet System. Joe has almost exclusively trained in Eddies system for about a decade now and this week he was awarded his Black Belt, or Rashguard, or T-shirt. Whatever he received it was an equivalent rank to a Black Belt. So don't get all butt-hurt cause you don't wear a belt with your vale todo shorts.

Now wasn't that a beautiful heartfelt story. If you don't give a sh@t and just want to check out Rogan getting his 10th Planet Black Belt this week, then hit that little button below.


  1. Good for Joe. I admire him. Acomplished comic and an acomplished athlete - that usually doesn't go well together

  2. He's never going back...


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