Wednesday, July 11, 2012


We love watching elite grapplers compete and it's sometimes even better when two high level grapplers/friends take eachother on. So guess what? That's exactly what we have today: The Twister v The Anvil.

So here is some background on the Anvil - within two years of joining Team Hayastan Manny won the Judo Junior Nationals. He went on to win the Junior Nationals a total of eight times, the junior Olympics once, and was a member of the 2000 Judo Junior World Team. If those are not some bad ass mat credentials I don't know what are. Now on the flip side Eddie Bravo, the sometime hated, sometimes loved, innovator of grappling usually has a who's who of MMA stars stopping by his place to learn his system. Recently Little Armenia stopped by Bravo's gym to get some hard training in.

So now is your chance to indulge your visual sense with some spectacular grappling brought to us by Mr. Bravo and the Anvil.


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