Tuesday, July 17, 2012


I remember starting out several years ago and getting caught in an armbar. The first thing I did after tapping was ask my instructor how to defend it. His answer - "Don't get in it." As ridiculous as that sounds it's some of the best grappling advice I've ever received.

Now if your interpretation of proper defense is watching Franklin & Bash, you might have some problems. That's why we are here to tell you that - 1. That show sucks big time 2. Last time Zack Morris was cool Mr. Belding didn't look like this, and 3. You need to drop the Twinkies and hit the mats - that is right after you watch this great video.

Today's visual goodness is brought to us by Adam "Soul Horse" Song. Adam is head coach at Ring Lords Vale Tudo in Cary, NC. He discusses proper defensive theory within grappling and what you can do to avoid getting smashed and submitted by the 14 year olds in class.

Now it's time to watch Adam go through a variety of key points that will improve both your MMA and grappling game.

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