Monday, July 9, 2012


Art of Timothy Berg

Or maybe not. Damn this 50-50 guard.  It's so polarizing.  I don't know which way to turn (and that frightens me). 

Good thing our buddies at The Jiu Jitsu Laboratory (think of them as the smarter, more sophisticated and much less sarcastic version of DSTRYR/SG) have all this 50-50 stuff figured out.  They've outdone themselves with a terrific article on the very current state of this lauded and often derided guard position (go here).  Bottom line:  the 50-50-, like many techniques, is nuanced and constantly evolving.  I think it was Voldemort who aptly said: " There is no good or evil - only power."  I'm pretty sure he was talking about the power of proper Jiu Jitsu technique.

Oh, yeah.  And JJL made a really cool 50-50 video.  Check it out and geek out on the 50-50 ... now. 

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