Monday, August 20, 2012


Heads up, grappler. This is the good stuff.  The Jiu Jitsu comedy cup really doth overfloweth.  Like a lotith (we promise to cut down on Old English buffoonery for at least a month now).   

Here's what going on: We always knew we liked DaMarques Johnson, both as a fighter and an overall cool dude.  We watched him during his season on TUF: US vs. UK, a season in which he kicked everyone's ass and went on to the finale.  We got to know him ... on television.  We laughed together and cried together too.  That's how reality TV works.  But, we didn't know he could be funnier than us.  Now, we hate him.

DaMarques came up with his very own Grappler's Interrogatories (he literally copied and pasted the GI's for Shoyoroll, and answered away), and we couldn't be any more stoked.   Thanks, DaMarques - you made our week!


1. How did you get your start in BJJ?
I was bored in barracks room while in the Army, and would do nothing but watch the old Pride fights and UFC's.  Then, some of my buddies and I got drunk and all ended up fighting each other "Fight Club" style. lol  I ended up winning the buddie battle royale, so they took me to the local Jiu Jitsu school where I did pretty well, until the instructor popped my elbow. I swore to myself that I was gonna get good enough to catch that guy once my arm healed, and i did. Been addicted to Jiu Jitsu since 2001

2. How did Shoyoroll get its start?
I pretty sure i dont even know what your talking about right now. Being that I just copied and pasted this interview out of boredom, I don't feel its my place to explain how Shoyoroll got its start out of respect to the guys who started it. But, it sounds like something you would hear in a night club in downtown ATL

3. How has your experience in BJJ influenced your approach to Shoyoroll as a business?
Well I'm not very versed in Shoyoroll. But, basically my BJJ influenced my business this way: Find someone that knows more than you and who's been tested in high pressure situations, where they have had to prove what they are selling you actually works. If you trust the system, get after it and plan on taking over the world.

4. Do you have any advice for someone who has a business idea in a niche market like yours?
Plan on taking your lumps. It's a learning curve. Don't get discouraged and learn from those prior to you.   And, be open minded to new ideas and multiple approaches.

5. Favorite BJJ Fighter of All Time?
 As far as a "BJJ" fighters go, I have many ... and, for many different reasons.  But, a quick run down -  Nog, Jeremy Horn, Nick and 
Nate Diaz, 

Sport BJJ, I would have to say Jeff Glover, Marcelo Garcia and Robson Mora 

6. Closed Guard, Open Guard or Fancy Guard? 
1/2 guard or open

7. Fauxhawk, Mohawk, Mullet or Fabio?
 Well, I would have to say full on anti-establishment mohawk  - "Taxi Driver" style a la Dan Hardy.
8. Fight/Board Shorts, Vale Tudo Shorts, or Spats (i.e., tights)?
My lack of gratutious amounts of ass prevent me from rocking full on vale tudo shorts. I would jus look silly saggin some spandex.  I am gonna go with the shorter striker's cut board shorts like the Venum ones I was rockin'.

9. Triangle, RNC, Armbar or Other? If other than triangle, please explain. .
 A lot of things have to go right to finish a Triangle, so I'm gonna go with that.

10. What Animal Best Defines You as a Grappler (e.g., I am like a snail. I am slow and get smashed a lot)? Note: Answering with Fictional Animals (e.g., Unicorns, Sasquatch) Not Permitted.
Well, I'm not very big or strong so the typical gorillas, sharks, and beastly, scary strong animals are out. I'm not really smart, fast, or agile vicious either, and it would seem comical, slightly stereotypical and mildly racialist to call myself a monkey, a fox, or pitbull   lol  I'm more of a grappling scavenger opportunist; witty, clever and scary.   If i see the wounded animal, I will kill it.  If it's left behind, I will take it. So, yeah like a hyena, raccoon, or vulture.

11. Favorite Gracie? If other than Rickson, please explain.
Kyra Gracie. I have a thing for beautiful woman who could kick my ass in real life.

Note from DSTRYR/SG:  DaMarques has legit grappling chops.  Check him out just handling a really buff dude in a grappling tournament a few years back:

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