Monday, August 13, 2012


And, now, a general stereotype - the Japanese may not be the best drivers, but they sure as hell know how to fight. The Japanese are a fighting culture to whom you could attribute countless martial arts and styles, including Kudo.

The art of Kudo was founded in 1981 and migrated to Russia soon after. There has been a martial and grappling cross pollination between Russia and Japan for years and it still continues to flourish. You can easily draw similarities between Kudo, Shooto, Combat Sambo, Russian-All-Around fighting and even MMA.

So, tell us more about Kudo please. Of course we will - Daido Juku otherwise known as Kudo, which translates as "hollow way," incorporates a wide variety of fighting arts including Kyokushin karate, judo, and boxing. The rules? Pretty lose, the sport of Kudo allows almost everything with the exception punches to the back and neck.

If you want to watch the Cliff Notes version highlight reel, including a ton of knockouts, subs, and a spectacular headbutt at the 36 second mark, take a look here. Otherwise, check out these scary ass Russians Kudoing for 35 minutes. Hope you have your Rosetta Stone ready.

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