Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Sambo's development stemmed from the efforts of two men Vasili Oschepkov and Victor Spiridonov. There independent goals were to formulate techniques that could stop an armed or unarmed adversary in the least time possible.

Now, as most of your probably already know, Sambo integrates techniques from judo, jujitsu, and other foreign martial arts into native wrestling styles. Oschepkov was one of the first foreigners to learn Judo in Japan and had earned his second degree black belt from Jigoro Kano. Oschepkov also had a background in karate that he integrated into his teachings of the Red Army. On the other hand Spiridonov specialized in indigenous martial arts from various Soviet regions. Spiridonov had severely injured his arm durning World War and he heavily relied on movement over strength in his training. His style was often referred to as more Aikido like since it relied on utilizing the opponents energy against themselves. So when the best techniques from both of these men were combined something beautiful was created, and his name is Sambo.

Today we bring you this sweet grappling demonstration of both Russian Sambo and Japanese Aikido that took place earlier this month at Navy Friendship Day in Kanagawa Japan.


  1. This is turrible...

  2. nice orchestrated nonsense. very funny

  3. they forgot to mention that you need to tell your assailant to stand still, hold his wrist out and do absolutely nothing

  4. Previous comments were stupid. He was showing multiple possibilities and options, attacks and than a throw... COME ONE People its like in BJJ someone showing 4 different punches and hammer fist from mount really quickly and than an armbar right after...... in demonstration form to captivate the audience


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