Friday, September 7, 2012


Sambo has always fascinated me. I admire the seemingly unlimited creative ways that Sambo practitioners add throws and takedowns to their repertoire. As we've detailed many times before it all comes from Sambos hybrid history which takes the best of the best from Jujutsu/Judo along with countless variations from European and Asian folk wrestling. Sambo might just be the prefect middleground between modern Judo, BJJ, and Sub grappling. Serious yet laid back, gi top yet no pants, Sambo is like the mullet of the grappling world. Business in the front - party in the back.

Want to learn a ridiculously awesome wristlock-to-throw-to-keylock? If your answer is yes, which we are sure it will be, check out this setup that is so crazy it could only come from - Sambo of course. Also included are additional Sambo Combos only available in this video.

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