Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Dean Lister is well known for his nasty leglocks and of course the guard named after him. Dean, of course, uses his self-named Dean Lister Guard.  Others may call it the Shoulder Guard or the William's Guard - call it whatever you want. The fact is that it's a guard that works and leads directly into a a series of locks and chokes -  in particular, today's submission.  The gogoplata.

For those grappling noobs out there, the gogoplata is the omoplatas big brother. Often times it is set up in the same fashion or within the same series of moves, but instead of attacking the shoulder joint it's a gogo attack. Now, we wont leave you in suspense.  Gogo means throat in Portuguese, so next time your on the mats don't be afraid to call upon your inner clockworks by yelling gogo gadget plata and something might just happen. In the meantime check out the ADCC vet get to work on a sweet gogoplata and it's many variations from the guard of his liking.


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