Wednesday, September 12, 2012


I don't know about you, grappler, but there's been a lot of chatter at the 'ol academy about this match-up pitting multi-World champ and 2011 ADCC Absolute champ, Andre Galvao, against Gracie heir and famed BJJ professor, Ryron Gracie.  It's kind of like "water cooler talk," only it occurs after training among a bunch of sweaty dudes in their underwear.  "Ryron's gonna win, because he's like a Jiu Jitsu genius and there are no points; plus you know, he's a direct descendent of the grand master," some naked guy says after showering.  "Yeah, but Galvao's like a professional grappling competitor, and he's faced all the biggest names in the sport," some other guy wearing only his Shock Doctors and a kneepad says.

Maybe you ca relate.  I feel like I've had a 1000+ conversations like this over the years.  I'm not sure who has this one, but I know one thing - it's going to be a great battle!


  1. Galvao wins the match. But Ryron will make a stunning Gracie Breakdown about it.

    So in the end, we will call it even.

    1. Agree. Ryron's competition experience < Galvao's.

  2. Doens't matter what the competition experience is as the experience is point-based. Galvao already said that he doesn't go for the sub.

    Ryron all the way. WAR GRACIE.

  3. I'm pretty sure Galvao has a ton of subs on his name, against world-class opponents. The no-points system won't change much. It is very possible that Ryron will survive the 20 minutes and the match ending in a draw though.

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