Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Just when you thought you had a decent, serviceable DLR guard, with some effective sweeps including an occasionally useful berimbolo, João Miyao shows up and makes you feel inadequate (it won't be the first time).

So, here's what you do.  You watch this match between João and his longtime rival, Márcio André at 2013 Abu Dhabi World Pro Trials, Natal, Br, which went down this past weekend.  Realize that these guys are kids and, more importantly, still only purple belts.  Be impressed and humbled, get inspired and then go train really, really hard tonight.  Later, enjoy some açaí and do something similar tomorrow. 

OK.  All set. 

Observation:  Check out the mats at this tournament.  They've got to be the worst I've ever seen at an event like this.  I'm betting some toes and fingies were busted. 


  1. Holy jebus, you weren't lying about those mats. I'm surprised there wasn't foliage growing out of those gaps...

    Also, why make the competition belt red? Isn't that a special Rickson rank or something?

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