Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Twenty three year old JT Torres is a beast. He's been competing at a high level since he was 18 and has racked up a ridiculous list of accomplishments some of which include:

Pan American Nogi Champion (2010 black)
World BJJ Nogi Champion (2008 brown)
European Champion (2009 brown)
2x New York Open Champion (2010 black, 2009 brown)
Miami Open Champion (2010 black)

So, if those aren't enough to convince you he's a bad ass, check out JT's recent video. He shows us an omoplata sweep (he recently used to win in competition) that can lead to a variety of subs or pass options. Also, take a close look at the position as a whole.  Doesn't it look similar to the step over arm scissors (crucifix) that was used in catch in order to setup painful pins?

Watch and enjoy, grapplers!


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  2. Just... no. Why take a perfectly good omoplata set-up and get fancy just to let the guy guard up? Sorry, I love fancy, but I love the kind of fancy that finishes.

  3. It's a good point, I wondered about that as well. I can only assume that at the top-levels of BB competition finishing the plata is difficult enough that it's simply more feasible to just funnel the guy into the sweep points...?


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