Wednesday, October 31, 2012


If your on the East Coast we hope you have survived that evil bitch Sandy. I for one have survived, but of course the hurricane has disrupted my usual training and teaching schedule. It also has put quite a hamper on my daily viewing of Youtube videos and blog writing. This kind of stuff makes me angry. Not only has mother nature created first world problems for me but then I see people freaking out and running out of food and water after 2 days. To them I say - WTF is wrong with you? It takes a lot to withhold my anger but their will come a time when the rain clears and the flooding dissipates where I get to step on the mats once again. And when I do, I'm going to take out my aggression on the nearest neck.

So if you've just been through some tough times or survived a natural disaster, it's time to learn how to concentrate that pent up frustration in the form of a Darce - or as some would call it the D'arce. Today BJJ Blackbelt Jay Bell from Gracie Farmington Valley shows us a unique set up for the Darce from the North South Position.

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  1. Great technique! Relevant to your post from yesterday; check out Robson Moura's ridiculously smooth entry to the same choke.


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