Wednesday, October 10, 2012


This is the second time we've had the privilege to review a Submission FC kimono. I am happy to say that I'm far from disappointed and any concerns I had about the last gi no longer exist in this new hemp model, named the Hemp Sensation. 

As usual, I know someone will yell at me in all caps complaining about how I incorrectly categorized their favorite band that's named after a flower, or the fact that I point out that neither Helio nor Eddie Bravo created Jiu Jitsu. All I'm waiting for now is someone to tell me that Jesus didn't ride around on a stegosaurus. Sorry, my point is that reviews are opinion based and, as I've said before, unless someone truly makes a horrible product, it's hard to be to negative on them. I also refrain from showing glamour shots of myself in the product cause quite frankly what I look like in it does nothing for you (although it might for some of you) What I'm trying to get across is that we like giving unbiased, comprehensive reviews that tell you about the product and the company while maintaining our grappling wit. So take a journey with me through the fog smoke and experience the sensation that is hemp. 

As I said above, this was the second time I was partaking in a Submission FC review and they have made great improvements since last time. Some caveats about the last gi were the sloppy stitching and the overall stiffness of the Kimono top. This time around, Submission FC flipped the script and surprised me with not only a new gi material but also top quality craftsmanship and appearance. Now, for most of you, hemp is what you smoke, but in this case I don't recommend it 'cause you'll be ruining a perfectly good gi. 

What are the benefits of having a Hemp Gi? Well, there seem to be quite a few: first off, hemp is naturally antimicrobial, it's an environmentally friendly product that is 4 times stronger than cotton and is much softer and breathable than cotton.  
Neither I nor Dstryr are doctors by trade, but hopefully we don't have another comment thread like the last time I reviewed a Hemp product. Apparently, people think you can fail a drug test by wearing something hemp. It's ok, take a breath, open up Notepad and set your caps to lock, you can go ahead and vent, we understand. 
Back to the product. As you could guess, the gi is primarily made with hemp but it also has a small percentage of cotton combined with it. To be honest with you, it's probably one of the softest yet lightest gis I have had the opportunity to try-on or wear. This new model doesn't have ripstop pants, which I loved, but they more than made up for it by keeping the entire gi hemp-based and making it both durable and comfortable. The lapel is identical to the last review sans the rips stop and there is a huge improvement in overall stitching quality and craftsmanship. Double stitching and reinforcements throughout the gi top and kimono pants and it's preshrunk. 

The gi dons a minimal appearance, which entails an all white gi with green contrast stitching and the Submission FC logos at the top of each shoulder. The model name "Hemp Sensation" is nicely stitched in cursive at the bottom left of the kimono top (a nice touch, I must say). This gi does run on slightly on the expensive side, especially when compared to the last model we reviewed but, in my opinion, well worth the money. This gi could easily stand next to an Atama or Koral without any issues and many might even find it better.

And, the results:
  • Quality: Black belt (Improvements all around, comfort and style at the same time.)
  • Price: Brown Belt ($160 - On the high end of GI prices but worth the money if you have it.) 
  • Appearance: 4 Stripe Brown Belt (White with Hemp green contrast stitching, subtle yet flashy.) 
  • Durability: Black Belt (Double stitching and reinforcements throughout the gi.) 
  • Features: Black Belt (Preshrunk, lightweight, foam collar, hemp throughout., rope drawstring with 5 loops, whoa!) 
  • Sizing: Black Belt (My A3 fit well.  With 1 hot wash and dry, the gi tightened up for a good fit).


  1. this isn't surprising. Until the 20th century, hemp was the largest cash crop of the US; It's been used for canvas, rope, clothing, etc. until it was outlawed when the cotton gin was invented. It's proven itself throughout the centuries that it's durable, comfortable and worth investing in. Hell, even the Declaration of Independence was originally printed on hemp. Glad it's making a comeback as a renewable resource.

  2. This gi is just super duper awesome.. I love how they were innovative and came out with a Hemp Gi knowing all its benefits its a no brainer to train in a Hemp Gi. I have one and fell in love with it the moment I put it on.

  3. Does it come in any other colours or (colors in US). Because I was hoping to ge a blue Gi for my next Gi.

  4. No, I think that all blue hemp gets you ridiculously high while rolling and you auto-fail all drug tests for weeks after. Was it Demolisher who told me that? :D

  5. ^^^ If only that was true... Jokes aside hemp really is stronger and softer than cotton. They used to use it for almost everything back in the day until things got political...

    Looks like this gi only comes in white.


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