Thursday, October 4, 2012


Let;s keep this one simple, grapplers.  We're all going to watch this kickass MMA-style takedown defense to bake-take from Bellator fighter, Anthony Leone of Phuket Top Team.  And, we'll be better grapplers for sure after that.  I guarantee it.  Well, not so much guarantee it, but I'm pretty certain you'll get a lot out of it.  Maybe.   

This video shreds for a lot of reasons.  Mainly, it's because Anthony is extremely skilled in the area and his instructions are pretty flawless and very detailed.  I really dig the "Key Points" part of the vid too, because it helps you focus on the critical elements of the technique.  His demo partner dude is breaking one of the DSTRYR/SG cardinal rules - thou shalt always wear a shirt when practicing the grappling arts.  But, at least he's all buff and tatted up and scary looking.  So, he gets a pass.



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  2. For the bake-take on grappling you should really consult Cobrinha...

    1. My only question is why do you need to step over his head to pass your right leg into his side for a hook. If you're holding down his head and (left) arm, couldn't you just swing your right leg over his back (going around the hips instead of the head) and you can get your hook in without letting your weight off him? Is there a reason why it's better to go over the head instead?

  3. I think Jon Jones attempted this in one of his fights. Might have been against Ryan Bader.


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