Wednesday, October 3, 2012


If you're a grappler and find that touching your toes or doing a decent pushup is an impossible endeavor, it's probably time you put aside your love for Queen Latifa and the Lifetime network, turn off Steel Magnolias, and start working on your butterfly. No, not that lower back tattoo you got in college on a dare - the grappling position, my friend (although, we do suggest removing that asap.)

The butterfly is a highly effective guard position that has been somewhat exclusive to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. The position itself is only about 20 years old and, despite its young age, you can see it used in competition just as much as full or half guard. You can also see it used with and without the gi, as well as in MMA.

So, what makes the butterfly so effective? Well, the number one principle of Jiu Jitsu - using your strongest attributes against your opponent's weakest, thus off-balancing him and opening him up for submissions and sweeps.

As usual Jeremy Arel from Great Grappling has some unique concepts to show us throughout his very detailed tutorial - and, of course, we would expect nothing less from this Gordo Black Belt.


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