Monday, October 1, 2012


Let's face it, zombies are taking over the world. You can find them just about everywhere you go. Next time your headed to work, pay extra attention to the people around We are sure you'll encounter drones of mindless people standing in line and ordering coffees in sizes they don't understand and paying the same price as a streaming BJJ event on Budovids. Nowadays we are inundated with the threat of an apocalypse and the rise of the living dead, we are even sure some of you blame Obama for that one but that's besides the point. Not only can you find zombies on your morning commute, but they are also prevalent on tv, in books, comics, and of course music.

And, of course as we predicted - It was just a matter of time before the virus spread to the grappling world. So ponder this for a second: How hard would it be to submit a Zombie? Any lock you apply, you literally wind up walking away with their arm, with little or nothing to show for it. Chokes don't work and if you're lucky you might pop one of their heads off. That doesn't do much for you since Mr. Zombie's head is still trying to chop his way through your guard like Roy Nelson at Old Country Buffet.

So what we are trying to get across to you is that you don't necessarily have to be dead to apply or defend today's technique, nor do you have to be Korean,  you just need to pay attention and take notes or just train directly with Zombie BJJ in Abilene, TX. Today they show us a berimolo sweep with a beautiful leg drag pass to side control. So, next time you find yourself on the mat with Johnny Whitebelt kicking your ass, find your inner zombie and sweep that little guy's ass to the mat. By the time he realizes what happened, you'll be nomming away at him faster than our zombie friend in Florida.



  1. What? Not a single reference to "Tokyo Zombie"?

  2. Hmm, I see, very, very clever indeed.

    We all know that Berimbolo is basically just old helicopter sweep with the new fancy back take move.

    So without the fancy back take, this Berimbolo is just helicopter sweep, that has come back to alive (after being killed by Berimbolo).

    Nice zombie story indeed..


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