Friday, November 2, 2012


Back when I started BJJ, I quickly fell in love with the small man's game. I admired the styles that a Jeff Glover or a Marcelo Garcia brought to the mats and I realized that I needed to put in the work. After hours and hours of experimenting and getting smashed, I developed a decent half/open guard game that relies on leverage rather than my ability to Keri Strug myself around my opponent. Back then, the deep half guard was cutting edge technology; now its more like sitting down and watching a Laserdisc. 

Unfortunately, the half/deep half seems to have lost its luster over the past few years with fancy guards, such as inverted and berimbolos, ruling the world. So, next time you hit the mats and you see an old school guy not twisting himself into knots, he might just use more conventional means of guard play ... which means you need to step up your game.

Take a gander at Master Ricardo Cavalcanti and his Spanish speaking compadre, Olaf Alfonso, detail an escape from mount using half guard.


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