Tuesday, November 27, 2012


In a time where fanciness is all the craze, and you can find a fresh white belt trying to use the spiral guard or berimbolo on you, sometimes we lose what is most important - the basics. Now, some of you lower belts still may think that racking up a long list of submissions (that no one is familiar with) is the cool thing to do. Here is some free advice, berimbolos, inverted, tornado, and any other fancy moves always end with the basics - Sweep, Pass or Submission.

As most of you know by now, I'm a huge martial arts nerd and I watch, read, and study entirely way to much content to be considered normal. But in doing so I (along with others) have picked up a disturbing trend in both sport grappling, self defense and MMA. It's forgetting the basics! Think of it this way: Can you use your berimbolo on the street? If you said "yes," you're an idiot. Is it a high percentage move in MMA? No.

Next time a fight card is on, tune in, pay attention and you will undoubtedly find guys that don't know how to escape mount properly, how and when to place their hooks or seatbelt control from the back or how to properly and efficiently finish a guillotine. That's right - you shouldn't have to turn purple and lose all feeling in your arm to try and finish a choke. So, my point is that the basics work and as you advance through the belt ranks (t-shirts, names, sashes, shorts, and rashguards also included) it's more about how you set up the basics rather than trying to implement ridiculous techniques when you can't shrimp correctly.

You can take my advice or the advice from a high level Black Belt; either way the basics are the best. Today our buddies at Phuket Top Team and Professor Olavo Abreu show us how to transition from the butterfly guard to the omplata, where you have the option of 3 different submissions or you can take the back and finish with authority.


  1. Love dudes necklace, lulz

  2. that's open guard, not butterfly... butterfly has the hooks in!

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