Monday, November 19, 2012


Every academy has one of these guys (or maybe even a few).  You know the guy - he pulls guard and then he's all kinds of crazy legs up in your business.  I can bum a good guard passer out for sure.  Even worse, it can lead to the man on top getting swept, which is just shameful. 

The spider guard game is no longer in any way "new school" in our humble opinion.  It's not something that a BJJ player with any kind of experience can ignore, as both guard player and guard passer.  These days, you really must be versatile enough to play a spider guard when necessary (e.g., your closed guard circa 1999 is opened up) and you certainly need a good strategy to pass it.  And, that's where 2012 Pan Champ,Yuri Simoes, comes in with this solid and simple pass.  

Thanks again to Jits Mag for more great video material. 

Hey, grapplers.  We also want to call your attention to Jits Mag's campaign on Kickstarter to raise funding to publish their 2013 BJJ Gear Guide.  Jits Mag has been very good to us here at DSTRYR/SG as a go-to content provider working hand-in-hand with us as a platform for much, if not all of their video content.  We think they do a great job of providing top quality content to the BJJ community and we encourage you to give their cause due consideration (and then, give heartily).

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  1. "2102 Pan Champ" that's a bold claim there. Yet I am gonna trust you on this since you haven't led me astray yet.


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