Thursday, November 1, 2012


This whole famous/elite grappler and/or fighter being videotaped rolling with Marcelo Garcia at his academy in New York has become a regular thing ... that we love.  And, for me, this one of Gabi Garcia rollin' with Marcelo has got to be one of the best ever.  Watch this.  It's great.  But, before you do, allow me to make a few observations/predictions:
  1. Someone is going to comment that Marcelo is going light or that it was somehow prearranged that the two would not go 100%.  We don't know.  Don't care. 
  2. Someone is going to claim this actually went down in 2003 or something.  We admit we have no idea when it went down, but it hit YouTube a few days ago.  Just be happy. 
  3. Someone is going to make a big deal about how Gabi is on the juice and then be all cranky and accusatory about it.  We say - leave here alone.  Honestly, there's a total double standard here.  Half (or more) of the big names in BJJ look to be 'roided up and you don't see people condemning them nearly as often. 

There you go.  No question here.  We like ourselves some Gabi G. 'round here.  Why?  She's a whole lot of awesome woman kicking ass at Jiu Jitsu.  And, Marcelo - he may well be the best in the world.


  1. Regarding point 3, while I have no idea what titaness Gabi's deal is, I can say that as both a grappler & bodybuilder with many cycles under my belt, the gear thing in jits is way overblown. It really doesn't help much with BJJ. Seriously, try a cycle, get swole up and see how you do. You'll quickly FEEL my point.

  2. I dont think people get on the juice to blow up in BJJ. Many use it to prevent injury and train at high intensity levels, longer with less injury.

    1. I agree that having the wolverine-like healing ability is great but it doesn't do shit to help the sprains, tears, and other joint-related injuries that often come from BJJ. Those take just as long to heal whether you're on or off the juice.

  3. Also, faster recovery means more drills and better technique

    1. Define recovery. If you're talking about doing a drill that requires complete muscular exhaustion within like 6-12 repetitions, then sure. If you're talking any degree of cardio and getting winded than roids do nothing for that. It's why endurance athletes don't juice up, it just doesn't help any. In fact, if they are really using, top guys are more likely on things like EPO for endurance and diuretics to make weight.

  4. You've got no idea. Endurance athletes have been using anabolics like nandrolone, clenbuterol and human growth hormone for years. There is juicing for size/strength and juicing for endurance. Many of the recognised anabolics, including testosterone, do both depending on how they're administered

    Both are cheating

    In what endurance sports do people 'make weight' using diuretics?

  5. LOL!

    Scroll to the 'diuretics' section. It really does happen man, specially in MMA.

    I make no assumptions about 'endurance athletes' in other sports but I do stand firm in that roids in sport BJJ is an over-hyped fictional epidemic.


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