Friday, November 30, 2012


Aside from all 4 of Bravo's "The Real Housewives" series.  We're talkin' about Lloyd Irvin's "The Next World Champion."

Admit it, grappler. As much as you tell yourself you're just a BJJ hobbyist, a weekend warrior, deep down you envy the dudes who dedicate themselves 100% to being the best at Jiu Jitsu.  And, that's natural.  If you love training BJJ as much as I do (or even close to that), then why wouldn't you want to devote more time to it?  Of course, you would. 

But, life doesn't permit everyone to train Jiu Jitsu full time, nor does it grant everyone the same abilities.  And, that's why we like ourselves some TNWC.  At least for me, it's fascinating to see how guys who's sole ambition is to become world champions live their lives.  DSTRYR/SG approves.

On a side note, it's true that Irvin can seem a bit overbearing and he's definitely apologetically cocky.  But, it's his swagger and the results he's producing that's gotten him to where he is now. 

I think I've finally found something to replace "The Bachelorette."

Check our Episode II:


  1. For what it's worth, I think Ghengis Con makes the best MMA/BJJ documentaries on the market... Love his work with American Top Team. Right up there on part with The Reem.

  2. I have worked as a TV producer for 12 years and have been training BJJ for 10 and all I can say is that I want my 38 minutes back. Just buy infomercial time at 3:00 AM if you want to use this as a platform to promote yourself

  3. ^^^HATER ALERT!!! I know of a certain American Jiu Jitsu icon that would say the commenter above has a severe case of BJJ BITCH-ASSNESS. IMHO his first line sounds like he's got quite a bit HOLLYWOOD BITCH ASSNESS in himself too. No matter what you don't like about Lloyd Irvin, you can't deny him of the respect he deserves. You're watching the team that is gonna change the face of jiu jitsu and I'm excited that I get a chance to watch them do it. (I have no affiliation with Team LI whatsoever and even was a skeptic/hater of him at one time)

  4. Anonymous 1: Somewhat agree; Lloyd Irvin is a self-promoter. I think his saving grace is that he seems to be doing good work in his athletes lives.

    Anonymous 2: Why you gotta get all crazy? As Lloyd Irvin would say, 3-percenters are immune to criticism - there's no reason to call people out like that when you're immune to being called out, ya know?

  5. lol this is the least info commercial esque lloyd's ever been. these videos are awesome, and if you can get beyond the info commercial esque part...he drops serious knowledge. the dude clearly knows what he's talking about, and has brought out alot of talent in people who may have never discovered it.


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