Thursday, December 20, 2012


For a website that wants only to discuss and highlight Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and all kinds of grappling, it's been a pretty cool week for us.  Yesterday, we got to feature that seemingly big budget (by BJJ standards, of course) and somewhat controversial ad for Mata Leon kimonos, and now we're featuring another very high quality BJJ mini film (I don't know what to call these things).  It's an interview with one of our favorite BJJ athletes, Bill Cooper, by a new site/filmmaker called  Don't know much about these guys, but I like the cut of their jib (that's something really old people say when they like what someone else is doing).

I don't know Bill personally, but the dude kicks ass and has a spirit that is uniquely fearless.  I've watched many of his matches in my capacity as "guy who runs DSTRYR/SG" and he's at the top of my list of athletes who go 100+% for subs with maximum ferocity and a lot of creativity.  For proof, just watch his Grappler's Quest matches against Cyborg (here) and Joao Assis (here).  He shreds, and it never matters if his opponent is 165 lbs of 225 lbs.  This whole thing is 100% DSTRYR/SG approved (as if that means something).

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