Friday, December 14, 2012


Remember when the spider guard was hi-tech, fancy pants Jiu Jitsu?  You might not, but I do.  I'm about to sound like some geezer, but it's true.  Back in the day (i.e., circa '00), we simply did not have the access to new techniques the way we do now.  Speaking generally, I'd say a student did most or all of his/her learning from his/her coach (or master or sensei, whatever), and had very little exposure to other coaches' games or styles (especially if they were outside of your BJJ lineage).  If you came from the Machados, you learned what the Machados liked to do, their brand of Jiu Jitsu.  And, so on.

But the BJJ world has changed ... and, I'd say for the better.  We now have video access to pretty much any style or "game" in the BJJ/grappling world.  We can develop and hone our skills in a much more specialized way (perhaps more customized to our size, build, age, agility, flexibility, etc.).  It's great.

And, that's not to say we shouldn't all have the basics down.  Which brings us back to the video below, featuring Kim Terra (yeah, Caio's brother) and brought to ous by our colleagues at JitsMag.  The spider guard is now the basics, and so you must master it.  This will help.

[NOTE:  Hey, grapplers.  Something whacky if going on on the YouTube end, that prevent the Kim Terra video from being embedded properly and substitutes it with the one above.  Not sure why.  Until we figure it out, here's the link to the Terra vid.]


  1. Remember before youtube when you had to order instructional videos out of Black Belt magazine? :)

  2. why is the video of ary farias working out?


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