Wednesday, December 19, 2012


... but, what will you do with it?
OK, I'm smirking a bit, grapplers.  It's probably not appropriate to overtly sexualize grappling, but, hey, they started it.

I'm going on record and saying this is a brilliant piece of marketing and, the real kicker for me is that it's for a BJJ gi of all things.  If you've been involved in the sport for more than five minutes, you should be easily able to appreciate how small the BJJ market is.  For any company in the BJJ biz (gis, apparel, etc.) to have a significant enough budget to be able to produce an ad like this ... well, we just have to give them massive props.  Hopefully Mata Leon will sell enough gis to justify this effort.  Either way, we appreciate the art and the cleverness. 

So, check it out.  Anyone who says sex doesn't sell in BJJ is probably not being honest enough.  We're talking about a very attractive young lady, in nothing but panties and a gi top, triangle chocking the crap out of a dude.  We're only human, right grapplers?

[Side Note:  I know absolutely nothing about the Mata Leon Kimono company.  In particular, I have no idea if they are any good at making gis.  Let's hope they are.  I like their marketing plan!]


  1. How disappointing. I had hoped gi companies would stop disrespecting their female customers after the Manto debacle, but judging by your description, apparently not. :(

    In regards to 'sex sells' and BJJ, this is the best post I've read on the topic.

  2. Gi pants were in the washer???

  3. Totally thought this was an ad for a woman's gi. Just noticed they don't make them--kinda confusing. Might just be an effort to get the company name out, but if so, they should have included more logos and product shots. There will definitely be buzz around the ad itself, I doubt it will be as effective as they intended at a brand level.

  4. easy guys. its an ad that shows a women beating up guys. just because she is attractive doesnt make it sexism or disrespectful to women. quite the contrary actually. Bravo Mata Leon, Bravo

  5. smaller, weaker person defending against larger stronger opponent - seems legit :-)

  6. just because she is attractive doesnt make it sexism or disrespectful to women.
    No, but the fact that she's naked during part of it and wearing only panties under her jacket in the rest of it kinda does.

    1. would you feel better if it was a guy in underwear? I doubt many guys would feel disrespected. The fact that you have different standards for guys and girls is actually the hallmark of sexism.

    2. No, I wouldn't feel any better if it was a guy in panties. I would still wonder why *anyone* is in panties for an ad that is supposed to be about selling kimonos.

      We will never know if guys would feel disrespected in that position, because *THAT* ad will never be made. Guys don't have to deal with being treated like sex objects a dozen times a day, that's why they don't understand why it ticks women off so much.

    3. Just stfu and train you little bitch...

    4. Anonymous December 24, 2012 1:29AM Just stfu and train you little bitch...
      Ah, how can one debate *that* level of enlightened wisdom, especially when delivered while cowering behind an anonymous account.

      Fret not- we'll wait while you Google the big words in that sentence, champ.

  7. MATA LEON women gi's are coming soon!

  8. Women are made out to be sex symbols even for female products (D'ior commercial, anyone?), while men are also beginning to be targeted for the same (Calvin Klein, Cool Water, Abercrombie & Fitch, etc.) This particular ad is a little far-fetched, I grant you, but she is definitely not a helpless object. The company makes it pretty plain that she's an ass-kicker through and through.

    Luckily, this company is selling a product, otherwise this woman may have ended up in a bra and panties, executing the same triangle (gasp!)

    To me, at least, this is pretty minor in the grand scheme of things; at least they're noting that women are not the woman to be rescued by a guy that knows jiu jitsu; or it's not a "if she knew jiu jitsu, this wouldn't have happened" scenario.

  9. she is definitely not a helpless object
    She is not presented as helpless, but she is still presented as a sex object.

    Many men find strong, tough women arousing. This character is being presented this way FOR THE PURPOSE of sexual titillation.

    The vast, vast majority of viewers of this vid are not admiring her ass-kicking skills, they are looking at her scantily-clad ass.

    This (strong sex object) is definitely a step up from Mantos-gate (bimbo sex object), but still, some issues remain.

  10. Apparently there's BJJ here... but I didn't notice.

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