Thursday, December 13, 2012


What's the difference between your mount and that of Relson Gracie? Well, first you would have to understand that he has put in thousands and thousands of hours - maybe even millions of hours in mat time. Secondly, he's been training since he popped out the womb. Those two factors alone make his mount amazing and yours as strong as a 4 years olds (in comparison; of course your stronger than a 4 year old).

If you're still in doubt check out this podcast I recently listened to a featuring none other than Powder aka the second brother from Boondock Saints [Note from DSTRYR/SG: i.e., Sean Patrick Flanery, a dude I've know for almost 10 years] . He detailed his martial arts training over the years and how his first experience with BJJ was with Rickson Gracie and since, he never looked back. Today he is a BJJ Black Belt under Shawn Williams and detailed how to this day he has yet to feel anyone with a mount stronger than that of a Gracie.

So what does that mean for you and how the hell to you escape a high level mount? Relson shows us the finer details of escaping crappy mount attempts while laughing and mocking you - very similar to how we would.

So if you don't want to listen to us, take it from SPF and Relson Gracie - Work your basics!

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