Wednesday, December 12, 2012


OK, grapplers.  How many times have you been in an MMA fight with your back up against the cage while defending a double leg?  If you answered "too many to count, DSTRYR/SG" then this here technique is for you.

I'm just kidding, of course.  Most of us are not fighting in cages (but, a few of you are).  Still, a lot can be gleaned from an MMA-focused technique.  And, that's what we have ourselves right here (I think I'm writing with my crappy version of a Southern twang in honor to Alan Belcher).

David Avellan's "Kimura Trap" system has been all over the BJJ world in the past recent months, in part because of the excellent job Lloyd Irvin and his colleagues/teammates have done to promote it.  Whatever  opinion you might have on Lloyd and his approach, it really has no bearing on the effectiveness of Avellan's system.  I haven't reviewed the DVD's or the system in detail, but I'm willing to guess it's good.  Avellan is legit and he's been working this system in his own game for a while now.  Further, the kimura itself is time tested bread n' butter technique and I can easily see someone creating a grappling system based on this simple and super effective hold/submission.

Alan Belcher (one of our favorite UFC fighters) is also connected to Team Lloyd Irvin and is apparently a practitioner of the Kimura Trap system.  Check out his adaption, attacking with the kimura from a takedown defense position.

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  1. Stopping in to make sure your training ..... Love me some Alan Belcher fights, helps me pay my rent a couple times a year! Big money over Yushin may even pay a couple months this time around.


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