Friday, January 25, 2013


Japanese Catch Wrestling is submission grappling style that most know little about. To the average grappler or MMA Fan, it just looks like No Gi Jiu Jitsu. While most grappling styles share more similarities than differences, those that include locks and chokes are even closer in appearance. So what makes Japanese Catch so different? Well, first they have branched off into styles which include Pancrase, Shoot Wrestling, Shooto, and Submission Arts Wrestling. Now some may keep strict control on their particular style, but as a whole you could classify the entire no gi style as Shoot Fighting or just plain old Japanese Catch.

What really matters is they have all been born from the same orgy of grappling styles which includes Sambo, Judo, and of course CACC - brought to you by two of the most famous and influential CACC wrestlers ever, Karl Gotch and Billy Robinson. Together, for years, they taught the Lancashire Catch style to Easterners and they made it there own by keeping the submission chains, strength and conditioning, and of course wrestling but eliminating the element of the pin. And, yes, you can thank those two men for possibly being the most, if not tied for the most, influential men in the creation of MMA.

Enough history for now, it's time to learn a submission chain from modified sidecontrol.

Sadae 'Manhoef' Numata, otherwise known as Lady 'Manhoef,' is currently 4-1 with fights in Pancrase, Jewels and DEEP. As you could guess she got her name from her kickboxing prowess, however she has honed her grappling skills with training partner and coach Mishima.

Sadae and Adam Kayoom (Bjj black belt & pro mma fighter from Phucket Top Team) show us how it'd done.


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